How to Paint a Front Door with Water-Based Color in Easy Steps

Glass Front Door Designs

A front door is understood to be the spot of the property, the entry way in which energy, wealth, and opportunities welcome us. And all you need in order to have a freshly-painted front door are a few fundamental painting equipment, high-quality fresh paint, a couple of hours, and a sunny day. In this article, I’ll explain to you how you can correctly preparation and coloring your front door the correct way so it will look like new for countless years to come.

When painting your front door, stay away from any old paint which has been available your storage area for a long time, because this won’t give you the high quality of finish you’re looking for. Rather, you will want to pick the best type of paint designed for your door. And in order to make this happen, you will need to think of the type of door, whether it’s manufactured with solid wood, stainless steel, or even fiberglass as well as its recent condition.

So let’s check out my front door. It is a ornamental glass-paneled door crafted from solid wood and it’s at this time colored with a water-based paint and yes it seems to be in fairly great condition. Now, it does have a several scratches and dull areas, but no indications of mildew, cracks, or even peeling, that is a positive thing.

How to Paint a Front Door

If your door’s in comparable condition, all you have to do is sand it softly to push good bond, use primer and 2 layers of high-quality water-based coloring, and you are completed.

If your door’s in great condition but was in the past colored with an oil-based paint, then you’ll need to completely sand the door before priming it after which use 2 coats of paint.

if you’re unclear about which kind of paint is currently on your front door, put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and stroke it within the paint of your front door. If the paint wipes away on the cotton ball, it is actually a water-based paint. If the paint doesn’t wipe away, this is an oil-based paint.

Step by Step How to Paint a Front Door with Water-Based Color

So because this door’s in very good condition, we are just planning to prepare the top for painting. First, find your screw driver and take off any ornamental hardware, for example postal mail slot covers or front door titties from your front door. Next, use masking tape and mask off objects including doorknobs, locks, and threshold seals.

It’s advisable never to take out this stuff if you can. I love to use Dunn-Edwards High quality Orange Masking Tape, because it offers a directly, thoroughly clean line without any bleeding through, easy one-day removing, and is also a heck of a lot less expensive than many other top quality tapes. Now remember, present day water-based paints dried out speedily so use a paint roller to assist use the paint over a significant area quicker so that you can keep a wet side and brush out the paint for a smooth finish. Once you have sanded the front door, fix it and allow it to dry.

it’s prepared to be set up. Use a single layer of a high quality water-based paint primer, for example Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip Premium Multi-Surface Primer and 2 layers of a water or oil-based paint. I would recommend applying Dunn-Edwards EverShield Premium Exterior Paint, because it offers highest safeguard against Ultra-violet color reduce, mold, water intrusion, grain cracking, peeling, and blistering.

Solid Wood Front Door

Additionally it is a water-based paint so clean-up is quite simple. Now, start painting each one of the sections first. You will need a Two or a 2 and 1/2 inch angle sash brush and also a small roller to begin with.

Cut in each of the recessed edges of the panel first after which use your roller to apply the paint on the panel. Immediately clean out any paint on the panel to have a clean and smooth finished look. Next, proceed to the next panel, painting one panel at the same time. Make sure to search for any paint drips and smooth them out with your brush well before they have a chance to dry out. Then, coloring the center stile and rail between the panels.

After that, paint the top rail area. Feather the spots when you meet the paint in places you previously colored. Then, paint the 2 outside stiles and finally, coloring the underside rail. Enable the door to totally dry before you apply your next layer of paint by using these exact ways. Depending on the color you select, you may want to paint a third or a fourth layer to get a awesome rich color.

Once the door is totally dry, take off the tape and set up a ornamental components back on the front door. Well, hopefully, this article has inspired you to coloring your front door, understanding how simple it can be if it’s in great condition. Thanks for reading and happy painting..